Home Insulation

Home Insulation

Start Saving Money On Your Energy Bills By Insulating Your Home.

Insulation is a product that helps further protect your home from the weather outside. To determine whether you should add insulation, you first need to find out how much insulation you already have in your home and where it is. Our qualified home energy inspector will include an insulation check as a routine part of a whole-house energy assessment. An energy assessment, also known as a home energy audit, will also help identify areas of your home that are in need of air sealing.

Typically, insulation is installed in walls and attics. Insulation works in two ways:

  1. Helps keeps the heat and cold inside your house
  2. Helps keep the heat and cold out of your house

During the summer months, you run your air conditioner. When your house is properly insulated, your house retains more of that cold air and blocks out the heat coming into your house. That means your air conditioner has to cycle less, and you spend less money on energy. When your home isn’t insulated well, your air conditioner has to cycle more, while your house retains more heat. Plus, you spend more money on your energy bill.

  • Reduce your “energy bills” and maximize the energy efficiency of your home
  • Make your home more comfortable year round
  • Reduce noises from both outside and inside and between different rooms and levels
  • Improve the performance of your home’s HVAC systems
  • Contribute to a healthier environment

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